My Strip Club Experience

I was 19, I was of age! Before I get too far into this story. No, it wasn’t me sneaking into a club while underage. This is my best friend and me, walking into a strip club at very early hours of the morning.

It was 2014, I had nothing planned this day, I rang my best friend and asked what she was doing, she didn’t really have plans either. She invited me over. I went to the bottle shop, bought a couple of bottles of cheap wine, some snacks and I headed over to where she was staying.

At this time, she was living with her boyfriend in a share house, it wasn’t a good part of town, it wasn’t a good suburb. This was a very rough part of the city I lived in, but I was with my friend, what could happen?

I got over to her place around 7pm, it was summer, still light outside. We took our wine, our cigarettes and we walked to the park. We drank until we could barely walk. It was dark now. We walked back to her house, ate some snacks and lay down on her bed for a bit and just talked.

It was suddenly around midnight and we were still up, but we were sobering up and didn’t really like it too much. A very well known strip club was very close to her house, it wasn’t well known for the best reasons, we can just say that!

But we were still kind of drunk, we were young and thought, why the hell not? We got walked our asses to this club, showed our ID and got in straight away, As we walked in, we were surrounded by older men, it was uncomfortable.

With our heads held high, we walked to the bar, bought ourselves a drink, found a place to sit and actually started to soak in our surroundings.
Other then the strippers, we were the only females in this club.

The strippers were staring, the men were staring, it was like we were wearing bright freaking yellow!
We moved into another room, there was a group of men in there, playing card games, they kept to themselves, we kept to ourselves and it was okay.

It was coming to be around 2am, a couple of drinks later, we were starting to feel a little more uncomfortable than usual. We decide to leave.
Still being drunk and young, we walk our asses back to her house, at 2am, in a rough area. There were drunk men around, sexual comments being yelled out, partially followed home but we made it back.

This isn’t going to be a long story, in fact, that it pretty much it. This story could have gone so many different ways, but it didn’t.

If you’re going to go clubbing, at any sort of club or bar, be safe! You never know other people intentions.


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