Sex, Drugs, ​And Car Accidents

We all have those people on Facebook, don’t we? the ones we aren’t really sure how we became friends, but hell with it, welcome to the family, right? right.

Well, this guy was no different to that. to this day I have no idea how we met or how he became my friend on facebook. You know they’re legit when their last name on facebook is ‘Hardstyl3z’. Not that, that stopped me from talking to him.

I was 17, maybe 18, this guy lived not too far away from my house, maybe 15 minutes. He had his license, a car and was significantly older, well not creepy older, maybe 3 or 4 years older. We’d been talking, flirting online together and we decided to meet.

I wasn’t stupid, well maybe not completely but I decided to message my mum to tell her where I was going and who I was with, in case something was to happen to me.

He picked me up, he was tall, strong, abs and covered in tattoos. I was a little girl again, mesmerized by this man.
He romantically took me to his parent’s house where we went to his room, My eyes are rolling just thinking about this story again, He had the biggest room id ever seen. he had stairs down to his own living room, then his own floor for this bed.

We were on his lounge, watching some tv. I had my legs over his knees, his hands started running up my thighs, not long after, he was on top of me with my legs around him, we were kissing and things were getting heated rather quickly.

He asked me if I wanted some weed. I declined, I hadn’t ever had weed this point. He asked if I minded if he did, I didn’t really mind as much, so he started smoking.

Not long after, we had moved our situation to his bed and continued kissing and the situation escalated until we were having sex. We weren’t having sex long until the drugs kicked in and his lost his mojo and the situation stopped.

He was apologetic but he drove me home. I guess it was a fail. But he made me feel alive again.

It wasn’t long until we were talking on facebook again and organized another time to meet up. He drove to my house, once again I messaged my mum to let her know where I was going and who I was with.

He slid around the corner in his car, acting like a teen who just got his license. As he approached my house he lost control of his car and smashed into the curb. There were skid marks all over the road, there were a massive crash noise and a lot of smoke.

He still wanted to me get in his car, so I did, but it wasn’t long before he realized he couldn’t drive to his hosue and back with me and his car like that.

Our night together ended pretty quickly, he gave me a kiss and I got back out of the car and headed back up my driveway.

I guess not so surprisingly I never heard from this guy again. There were no surprises there, I was just a one night, possibly two night stand for him.






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