Therapy Animals

We always had animals growing up, at-least 1 dog and 2 cats for most of the time.
It was nothing new for me to want another pet, I love animals, I love ALL animals, they’re all so beautiful.

I was 14, This was in the midst of My Best Friend and just before my parent’s divorce but they were separated at the time.

At my dad’s house, he had a stray cat that had a litter of kittens under his house, he gave them water and left some food out for them if they needed it but he never really did anything with them, after all, they were technically wild.

Dad lived near a busy road. Sadly, the kittens weren’t road smart, one after the other, they were picked off by the road gods. There wasn’t many left. 3 actually. I saw one I liked, more like love, I was obsessed, it was so cute. So small, you could wrap them up in a face washer. Their eyes weren’t open yet, they were just the tiniest sweetest little things.

I begged mum to go to dads house more often so I could play with he kittens, I guess mum knew the question was coming. Could I keep my favourite one? No, the answer was a straight, flat, no. I mean I understand. We already had enough animals at home, plus I didn’t really overly play with the other cats, so why would we get another?

I begged I pleaded. Surprisingly, mum let up, which was quite unusual actually, normally the more you ask, the harsher she became. Maybe she couldn’t resist his cute face either?
There was one condition. He was mine. I had to feed him, toilet train him and when I got old enough and moved out, he was to go with me then too. He was my responsibility 100%. At 14, what did I care? I had nothing else to live for, no sense of life or responsibility, so I accepted.

My parents went through the divorce, he was there for me. I suffered from my self-harm he was there, I almost attempted suicide, he was there. What did he do though? He was there, he was breathing, he was alive and he was mine. If I left, if something happened to me, where would he go? Who would look after him?
So I fought, I fought myself, I fought off all urges to leave this planet, so I could be here and be his owner.

It sounds sad, the grasped to life for a cat. I would lay with him and cry, I would tell him all my hopes and dreams, I would talk about all the mean shit people did at school.
He didn’t judge, he didn’t care, he sat and listened. He was my first true friend.

We packed up and moved. Our dog passed away from cancer, our other cats go re-homed but he, he was coming. Despite all the bumps along the way. We made it.

We made it to where I was living along, he was fully house trained now. We were in the city, I didn’t want him going outside. I didn’t want to wake up one day and realize he was flat on the road. It was safer for him and better for my mental health for him to be inside.

Being 17, living alone, working 2 jobs while studying to finish my high school. He was still there, he was the light in my room, in my house, pretty much in my life. Is it weird to have a cat boyfriend? haha

Now 19, working 1 job and on the dating scene. Of course, not everyone you meet loves your furry friends the way you do.
I don’t think anyone would truly love my baby the way I do. We have history, we homies, we go way back haha! But no, he’s stuck with me through it all. He’s been the 2 am crying cuddles, the 8 am watching while you shower creepiness, waiting for food to drop as you cook, even sitting on the dryer while I load the washing machine.

I met my now husband. While he doesn’t love him the way I do but he loves animals like I do. Meeting someone who loved him was very important to me. No one would be able to mistreat my little boy.
My husband has a cat at home with his family, it was a kind of relief. I’m not a crazy cat lady but I just like a man who respects animals.

We still have our little boy today, he’s almost 10 and he’s still going strong. He’s still my little baby and I think he always will be. To think if I didn’t have him in my teenage years, I don’t know if id is here anymore.

My him, my therapy cat, you were my best friend and my therapist, I will always love you.





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