First Real Relationship

Aside from My First Boyfriend I didn’t really know what the expect from men, or from relationships in general. After my first boyfriend i wasn’t really interested in men anymore, i didn’t know what i wanted, but i decided to just keep my options open, experimented with my sexuality.
But todays video isn’t about my sexuality experiences, kind of.

I was 14, I was talking on MSN messenger, with my best friend , we got added into a massive group chat, including her childhood best friend, all her friends, some guys from their schools, we just talked about random things, i don’t really remember the tiny details.
It was getting later, everyone starting leaving the group chat, going to bed or doing other things. It was just me and this guy left, we started talking more and decided to add each other on our MSN contacts.
We started talking a lot, i had a HipTop phone, (google it!), my phone plan had free internet and free texts, so i would be on MSN while at school in my classes. He had a lot of days off school, I’m not entirely sure why, but he would be online on his Xbox a lot, so i would chat to him on there.
I used to talk to my best friend lot, of course! but i couldn’t really talk to this guy on the phone a lot. His parents didn’t really like him being on the phone.
Our relationship was hard. He lived 9 hours away, we both didn’t drive. There was no way to see each other. Our relationship was built on MSN messenger.
We stuck through this relationship for quite some time actually, it was about 6 months. We broke up, we couldn’t do the distance, it was hard. We stayed friends, close friends actually.
A couple months later, id moved to the town in my coping mechanisms post, my mum had met her boyfriend who is now my step dad, he grew up in the area where this guy lived!

There was hope that our relationship, we decided to give it another try, knowing we would be able to see each other very soon.
Within a month, we decided to make the trip down to where he lived! At this point, where i was living, it was only 5 hours away to him, still quite a bit, but better then 9 hours apart.

It came the day to meet him. We went to the mall, i was with my mum, i sat there, i waited, it felt like an eternity. I didn’t think he was going to show up, I knew who he was, even though id met him online, but i doubted in my mind that it was really going to be him.
I was sitting next to my mum, facing her, she had a smile on her face, i didn’t think much of it really, then next time, he’s walked up behind me and scared me, he’d seen my mum and told her to ‘shh’ so he could get me!
I jumped up and wrapped my arms around him, it was a wanting to cry and jump with excitement moment.

We walked around the mall together for a while, it was kind of awkward, we didn’t know what to do or say, we’d never been in real life with each other. I suggested going back to the hotel we stayed at, it was summer, it was hot out, there was air con in there and we could chill out and watch some tv.

We made it back to our motel, i realised i didn’t have a key, he was sitting on the steps outside the door, i was trying to pick the lock with my bobby pin, which failed and is not as easy as it looks!
After failing i stood up,  he put his arms out, suggesting for me to come to him, i walked over, he wrapped his arms around me,  and whispered that he loves me.
Our heads slowly moved in closer, we kissed.
I had snake bite lip piercings at the time and never kissed anyone before.
He pulled away, i didn’t understand what happened. I realised it was my lip piercings, i had horseshoe rings in, so i flipped them down and continued, it was much better, no one was being stabbed now.

We sat on the stairs, hand in hand, waiting for mum and her boyfriend to get back to let us in, they weren’t far away. Eventually they turned up, we got in, the air conditioning was so nice.
We walked to the room  i was staying in, we closed the door behind us. We were so young, nothing major was going down in that room.
We laid on the bed together, we kissed, we talked, we laughed and probably cried.
After a little while, he had to go. I walked him down, out the front and said goodbye.

Sadly, that was the first and last time that i seen him while we were in our relationship.
The distance didn’t work. we both wanted someone with us everybody, not someone on the other side on the computer screen.

We stayed friends after, we’d still talk often. I eventually moved down to where he lived, we seen each other more often then, I’ll definitely make post about our friendship after i lived down near him.

This guy made a major impression on my life, he is very dear to me, even now, he was the change i needed in my life after My first boyfriend, incident.


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