My Best Friend, Part Two

I don’t think i have finished my story, of my best friend. How could years of friendship, be summed up, in just over a thousand words? how could memories that flood through my brain, fall off my fingertips into my keyboard at such small word count, be finished so soon? it can’t.

My time lines aren’t great with the way i remember it all. Some memories shine brighter then others. Now we’ve established my relationship with her, we know a little about our friendship. I want to share my favourite memories with her, with you.

We lost touch for a while, She found new friends, i found new friends, we just drifted, but if anyone asked, she was my best friend, she had be for so long, i denied we had drifted, she was and always will be, my best friend.

She lived by a city, in the outskirts of the city, I’d moved down to her general area, about an hour away, i moved with my mum and step dad.
It was a Saturday night, id just finished work at the cafe i worked at, i was tired, i didn’t want to do anything really. But she messaged me, asking if i wanted to hang out with her and her friends. I was just starting to rekindle our relationship, i didn’t want to say no, but i didn’t want to go, so i went.
My mum dropped me off at her friends house she was at, it turned out it was more like a party, i wasn’t dressed for that occasion, i was in sweat pants and a random t-shirt.
We went up to the room, it was a small, dark room, no windows open, doors closed, there was a majority of men at this party, only me, her and another girl, ands the rest boys.
They were smoking, cigarettes and weed. i was smoking cigarettes but decided to skip weed.
I wasn’t drinking this night, well i thought, at first, i said no, then it was just one drink, then just one more, which ended in me being blind drunk. The other girl was refilling my  mixed drink, with straight spirits, i didn’t even realise.
Soon enough, the cigarettes being passed around i got a hold of, it wasn’t a cigarette. Now I’m drunk and high as well. Two things i hadn’t been much in my life at all.
The munchies kicked in. We’re 16, drunk, high and walking the streets to find food.
It’s about 10pm, we walked through a reserve to the side of a major road, we see a fast food restaurant across the road, we’ve got our eyes set on that prize.
We walk over, hit the button that will tell us when its safe to cross. This is a 8 lane road, 4 lanes each way, we’re drunk and stoned, this is just waiting for disaster.

We get the green light to cross the road safely, halfway across the road, i’ve fallen over, everything hurts, i can’t get up, the light is going orange, now red, we’re supposed to be off the road, as the cars start to drive forward as its their chance to go, my friends got each of my arms and drag me, across the road, the side of my body is scraping on the road as they drag me to the side, I’m numb.

We finally get to the restaurant, we think we have our lives together, that no one can tell we’re not totally all there. I’m leaning on my two friends, i can’t hold myself, we order our food and wonder why the lady is being so rude to us. We get our food, it feels like the best meal we’ve ever had, it gave us the energy to go back to the party and continue.

I don’t really remember how we got back to the party, but we did, we drank more alcohol, I’m a flirty drunk, over the top, flirty drunk.
My best friend was trying to get with a guy that was at this party, so i decide to help her out, I’m a perfect wing women, so i thought. What actually ends up happening, is me trying to kiss this guy, In fact, i tried to kiss everyone that night.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t even mad, she laughed it off and lucky for her, she ended up getting with that guy that night.
It was about 3 in the morning when everyone starting passing out. I went downstairs, one of the guys followed me, we ended up talking on the lounge downstairs until morning.

Okay, we’re going to go back to 2008 now, this story isn’t so happy, not my favourite memory but i’ll remember it forever.

It was a school day, it had just been lunch, the bell had gone, to go back to class. It was math class, i loved maths, i understood it, i was good at it. We had a random test this day.

Id been texting her as i always did, constantly, everyday. I’d barely sat down in my maths class when i got a message from her saying she was done, she was going, her time was up. She told me she was going to jump off the top of one of the school blocks.
I burst into tears. I packed up everything i had on my desk, i walked to the teacher and told her i was going to the counsellor.
I didn’t tell her why, i just left. I RAN to the counsellor, which was on the other side of the school, by the time i got there, i couldn’t reach my best friend anymore. She wouldn’t answer her phone, she wouldn’t reply to me, i thought it was too late.
I ran into the office and told the counsellor that my best friend in *blank* school had just told me she was about to commit suicide.
We got the number we called the school, it was confirmed she was in class and she was okay.
She was sent to her counsellors office to make sure, it wasn’t her last day.

It wasn’t, she was okay.

No matter where you live in relation to someone, if you think they’re in danger, of suicide of self harm, or just in general, you CAN help, one call could save someone’s life.

Aus- 000
US- 911
UK- 999
it could save a life.



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